Shane and Michelle were kind enough to take a trip out to Kalamazoo to see me. Sure I know the locations better around this neck of the woods but I’m thankful that it allowed me to be around Heidi for the impending birth of our son.

You all should know how valuable networking is. My specific case in point is that Heidi’s coworker graciously let us use her property and secret trails into Al Sabo Preserve. The results speak for themselves.

Shane and Michelle will be wed next month on the East side of the state and I look forward to picking up the nerd-jokes and meme references then. Enjoy these photos and comment here or on a sample over on Facebook.

These two are goofs. Below on the 2nd row, right side you see Michelle’s face which was a constant… opportunity for me to be successful at documenting her personality :). Round two is September 28th!

Later that day, in Al Sabo:


Then this happened:

We finished back at the farmhouse where we were joined by a little barn cat.

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