Shane and Michelle would make great friends. They’re both smart, funny, and involved. Even though I didn’t have the pleasure of knowing them in college, their community at St. Mary Student Parish seemed like it created great friendships that will last their whole lives. Just like their budding marriage.

These two got married when it was warm out over in the wonderful city of Ann Arbor. Below is a small collection of some of my favorites. If you like what you see, please comment either here or on the photos over on my facebook page.

Enjoy and stay warm! Where was I?… Ah yes…

Lets check in on those ladies and that dress.

Last minute prep before the ceremony.

It begins!

Communion and the conclusion of the ceremony.

Status: Married

Over to The FAMOUS Law quad :). I make it an effort to be creative with my shots in areas I know thousands of others have documented. How’d I do?

Oh yeah, here’s a gif:


The wedding party then stopped by a speakeasy in downtown A².

Later that day at the reception… *Harp music*

General dance!

Some last moments:

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