Matt and Leanne were married on a gorgeous day with the fall colors in full glory. Here’s their engagement blogpost if you want to check that out while you’re here. Click that link and you’ll see the engagement foreword explaining how I know these two. In total, I’ve done three different weddings with the same core group of friends. It’s such a treat to reunite with these people that I’ve grown to know because through that familiarity, I feel I’m documenting more honestly who these people are. See? Everyone that hires me should be my friend. It’s symbiotic.

Let’s begin with a check-in at the guys’ hotel.

Now let’s visit with the girls over at Leanne’s house. They arrived just after I did.

One of the more unique parts of this wedding was the gradient bridesmaids dresses (and corresponding groomsmen socks).

The ladies in waiting helped Leanne into her beautiful dress and gorgeous shoes.

Arriving at the church, last minute preparations.

The ceremony begins!


A little bit of bustle before getting on the trolley. Trolleys are a great form of transportation.

Matt, Leanne, and I had a few moments to ourselves in a nearby park.

Oh yeah, and then there was this wedding party :). See the gradient in the groomsmen I mentioned?

Oh yeah, and then there’s this:

Also, just after we stopped at the dirt road these things happened to the trolley: Smoke, burning smells, emergency stopping. After investigating and not finding anything conclusive, the driver decided to drive the trolley and hope things fixed themselves. We made it to the reception fine so I guess this means I’m going to adopt this mentality with my own vehicle when it starts smoking.

Golf carts are the most fun way to almost get in accidents.

We said goodbye to the wedding party and spent some time just the three of us.

Meanwhile, the guests were hobnobbing.

Aaaand it’s dark and we’re reception-ing.

The first dances.

Matt’s into electronic music. House, trance, techno, etc. He brought his music to the people that night along with several boxes of light sticks. This 30ish minute set was one of my favorite wedding moments to experience and document… and participate in. Most of the grouping below were shot hand-held in ambient light.

This next set of images were shot while “Dragging the shutter” using my strobes
Below, Leanne and her sorority sisters have “a moment”.


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