Sumeet and Amarinder invited me out to San Diego for this past New Years to celebrate their engagement with them. They specified that I bring my camera though, because that’s what I do. We woke up nice and early on New Year’s Eve for this engagement shoot which covered much of the San Diego area. Before I get into things, I just wanted to link to the post I made about the engagement party which happened later that evening.

Please let me know what you think either here or on Facebook. I always enjoy reading comments.

Now to the pictures!

Here’s the first location. I couldn’t get over the light or the silhouettes.

I found it very difficult choosing which images to put on this blog because many of them are stunners.

We crossed through a small amusement park to get to the beach for these.

Location two, we were right downtown along the stretch of bay where Red Bull had their “New Year No Limits” record setting jump. We hired these macaws to groom Sumeet’s beard.

After a outfit change, we hit up location 3: Balboa park. I highly recommend it to anyone visiting the area. B.e.a.utiful!

Don’t forget to check out the engagement party blogpost here!

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