Mallory and Brian are Western Michigan University grads (if you remember from their engagement shoot). They were married in downtown Kalamazoo and a lot of the stops and sights they included on their day are indicative of their love of this city. This day was marked by many silly faces. I had such a riot laughing to myself while editing these photos. You’ll see what I mean.

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Lets start with Mallory at a downtown salon in Kalamazoo.

Excuse the spooky shot of the church. This was, after all, around Halloween.


Time to spend a bit with Mallory’s sweet details:

Now over to the ladies.

If you couldn’t tell, Mallory is headed up to the balcony to see Brian for the first time today.

Here are some more amazing details of Mallory’s accoutrements.

Final details before the ceremony.

It begins!


A paper airplane exit :).

Here’s where all of the Kalamazoo things happen.

East Campus.

Heading over to the reception.

These entrances were made more dangerous because of the limited visibility within the masks.
And yes, they kissed with those vampire teeth.

Speeches, Spider-man, and (s)dancing.

Party time!



Wow, I can’t get enough, Next. Always anticipating a new blog post. ?

These are so natural and beautiful pics. Her gown was gorgeous, the prego bridesmaid is so cute. The Halloween decor is fun. U must of had fun at this one. Great job!

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