Laura is the middle one of my three younger sisters (I have three total). She recently got engaged and will be married this summer. Laura and Jonathan were kind enough to drive out from the Ann Arbor area to spend the night we Heidi and myself. We look forward to having many more memories with this couples. I’m happy to be getting a new brother :).

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Here we go.

This entire shoot was conducted over on the East side of Kalamazoo. It’s ridiculous to me that this occurred in January yet there are many Autumn elements. These days, we’ve got plenty of snow on the ground. Ooooh weather.

Laura is the only other redhead in my family. She is beautiful.

Things aren’t normally this goofy on engagement shoots but when you’ve got as much history with a member of a couple… things escalate. First, Laura and Jonathan wanted to take photos of me then they wanted to act out their last names. Laura’s is Wolfe. Jonathan’s is Mallard.

Back to business… Below this next image is one of the most adorable captures of my sister that is in existence.

Ah yes, more tomfoolery.

I look forward to June when these two are married. I’m sure they feel the same way too!


For all the times we’ve made fun of Laura for being silly, I appreciate how this engagement shoot highlights her in all her red-headed glory. She’s amazing. You’re a great brother, and a great photographer, and you’ve captured some beautiful moments.

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