Dave and Colleen are two really fun people to be around. Colleen has a great smile and Dave makes wonderful conversation. Colleen is a sucker for a cartwheel opportunity (gif below) and Dave makes jumping look effortless.

What follows are some of my favorite images from our time together during their engagement shoot in Ann Arbor. Their wedding will be in about two months from now so you don’t have long to wait until these fantastic people are in front of my lens again.

Ann_Arbor_Engagement_0001 Ann_Arbor_Engagement_0002 Ann_Arbor_Engagement_0003 Ann_Arbor_Engagement_0004 Ann_Arbor_Engagement_0005 Ann_Arbor_Engagement_0006 Ann_Arbor_Engagement_0007 Ann_Arbor_Engagement_0008


What you see above is our new invention. It’s a skirt clip to allow for free cartwheeling (Patent pending). here’s a gif of the invention in action:


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