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Before I bear witness to the love between Lindsey and Logan, let me just say that these two mean a lot to Heidi and myself. I lived across the hall from Logan at the University of Michigan and Heidi and Lindsey were close friends over at Hope college. Heidi and I are very excited to be a part of their wedding next year.

Ok, so first of all, Lindsey is great. She had some great ideas for where to do the engagement session which paid off in a big way. We started in an park north of Zeeland, MI on a Sunday afternoon.

Descending into the forest gave us some great backdrops.

This one needs its own space.

Scene change + Fire hazard!

Here’s where Lindsey’s awesomeness kicked into a higher gear. I encourage these sorts of setups for all my clients not only because, well, they look awesome but also because it can help someone reach a more candid state. In layman’s terms, they loosen up. There. That was easy enough to say :).

There was another older couple walking in this particular area right around the time these shots took place. Totally not awkward :).

One of my favorite series:

Lindsey and Logan.

Logan has good blanket-wrapping skills.


So I mentioned we’re friends. Logan and Lindsey fed us some very tasty pizzas and we caught up on our lives.

Not finished yet, we lit some Chinese lanterns for a very romantic ending.

These were all shot in ambient light. Yes. That’s right. One candle is enough for my space-aged camera to take a photograph.

Lindsey and Logan, I love your love for one another.

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Sara, thank you so much for taking the time to write such a wonderful compliment. I also feel that this was one of my best engagement shoots. It’s nice to hear others do too!

Brian, I live in OR, and heard of your work through DJ Smith, and have been watching your work since this summer. My sister and I love looking at your photos all the time, and this has got to be one of my favorite ever engagement shoots. The lighting is superb, and the candidness and joy in their faces lights up every photo. Thanks for redefining engagement photography! This is so lovely!

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