Marshall and I are friends from college. I’ll start with that. It has been a pleasure for me to see his relationship with Tina grow and blossom towards marriage (IN THREE MONTHS!) I had a wonderful time hanging with these two back in Ann Arbor during this engagement. It was really cold and I’m so thankful they were both such troopers because I really like the shots we got together.

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Lets dive in! I’ll start first with saying that sometimes, I’m the one who  ruins a perfectly good kiss with some remark. I find it helps loosen up two people so they’re more comfortable with me by the end. I think things worked out just fine.

Along the Huron River

I was here in October of 2010 and got this shot of Karl and Corinne. It’s got more “character” as we say in the optimistic business :).

We hired sherpas and climbed to the  top of the bridge (I still don’t understand how Tina managed in her heels) for this next set.

Then I gracefully stumbled down and left the two up top to keep each other warm.

Next, to Kerrytown and the farmer’s market.

I know you can read but this next location is Nickles Arcade.

I like the metaphorical implications of reflections… plus they look awesome.

Parking garage? Yes please!

Something I’ve been wanting to try for a while. Both the diptych and sending a subject to a different level.

Back at the house where Tina lives, I left a strobe in the room with the couple and hung out outside.

Yes. That is all I have to say.

Lastly we hung out by a red shed in the backyard.

Leave me a comment! Look how close you are to them!


Awesome session my friend. You are one lucky cat if you got to photograph their wedding this past weekend. I’m highly jealous.

Hooray!! Congrats Tina! I love your blog! You guys look happy!

Very nice Brian! Great work with the strobes 🙂

Really nice, Brian. I like the way you made the snowy background so appealing. The contrast of the red shed and the dark sky is delicious. And your comments are wonderful.

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