Nick and Mary met me at a nearby orchard for the start of our engagement shoot. I think their wedding is going to be just as gorgeous as these pics as they’re to be wed at Stetson Chapel on the campus of K College. I went bigger on this blog post. That is to say, I did fewer collages and kept it to full-width image after full-width image. Let me know what you think about that.

I don’t really have much to say apart from the usual: I’d appreciate any love for these shots on facebook (AKA like my page/comment on each image) or on the blog (down in the comments). Also, have a great weekend, eveyone!

Lets scroll!

Once Nick warmed up to me (due to awkward jokes on my part) he was a natural. Mary was solid in front of the camera to begin with. They made my job easy (thanks, guys!)

Under an apple tree

Next, we drove into town and hit the up the local Archimedean spiral.

Below, Nick and Mary get their stairs on.

Up on top.

Below is the location of their first kiss. Above on the right, did you notice the shadows?


Love the playful dreaminess. 🙂

Love the pictures…can’t wait for the wedding!


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