Darin and Jessica met up with me in Kalamazoo for this engagement shoot about a month ago. Part of me is glad for global warming because it means I can do photo shoots later in the year with no coats required! (*KIDDING!*) We parked nearby and went on a pleasant walk around the Amtrak train station before continuing on to other sites.

These two will be getting married next year and I’m looking forward to it. If you want to get an update when that happens, make sure to head over to my facebook page and hit that like button. The photos that you see here will also show up on facebook so please COMMENT!

Let us begin.


Darin and Jessica are troopers. They put up with a lot of people around. Some of the randoms decided it was a great moment to give their opinion on relationships. Good on, you two!


Across the street…


After the two loosened up they looked so much more natural… I think a lot of it had to do with the lack of random people with advice.


Shooting through and reflecting off of windows…


You guys are great for doing what I say. I will try not to abuse that trust. The last image in this series is a multi-shot panorama.


Inside the trade center…


Fortunately for us, the trade center was pretty empty. As such, we were able to take advantage of a freight elevator.


Shot with a remote flash and a gorilla pod.
Look at these two!


Finishing in front of some awesome windows.
The last image in this series is another multi-shot panorama.

Stitched Panorama

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Thanks, Kyla!

The DoF on that ring shot made my soul happy. I love these!

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