Yet another marching band connection! I wouldn’t have met Amy and Phil if I hadn’t marched with Amy’s sister, Jessica, at the University of Michigan. Jessica petitioned winningly on my behalf for her sister to hire me as their wedding photographer. I hope to exceed their expectations :).

Amy and Phil were kind enough to drive out to Kalamazoo because I know the territory around here pretty well. Instead of having to spend my creative energy thinking on my feet, I was able to compose a plan for the shoot more carefully. As a result I’m very happy with how these turned out (well, I’m usually very happy anyway).

Let me know what you think over on the facebook album! Have you liked my page yet? I think today would be a great day for that to happen *wink wink*.

To the photos… I love so many of these.

Phil’s warming up to me. You can totally see it.

This is a panorama done with my 50mm f/1.2. Some of you may know what that means. For everyone else, just enjoy it.

Scene change!

Here’s a little stand-alone shot we did on our way back to the car.

Another scene change! I had thought Amy would look great spinning in her dress. I *think* I was right.

After a little walk… I’ve had this shot in my head for a while (well, “this” meaning the first two).

Another panorama

Ending with a shot of the ring 🙂

Pumped for their wedding next year!

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