You remember this beautiful couple? They took my photography to a whole new level with their engagement. They were married in March over in Flushing, MI (near Flint). The church these two were married in is actually the church in which Heidi and I were wed! From photographed to photographer, my wedding photography has come full circle. I now can quit with a sense of fulfillment… not that that’s going to happen any time soon.

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Social media is a big reason why I continue to be able to take pictures. Thank you very much for allowing me to get this far, everyone. I invite you all to comment it up over in the facebook album.

Now that that’s over with, lets dive in. Mayfair bible church, everyone!

Thanks to my wife Heidi for such great shots of the shoes. She won’t be doing weddings with me anymore (she’s preggo!!!) so I’m looking for assistant photographers. If you’re interested and live in the Kalamazoo area, contact me either here or on my facebook page.

Checking in with the ladies in their dressing room *cough* bathroom *cough*.
It was really hot. That’s what the bridesmaids are doing with the pillows…

First a shot of Rachel then some of the bridesmaids.

The guys showed up dressed (smart!) so this is all the dressing they needed to accomplish before we started taking photos.
Elijah is the man.

These dudes were great to laugh with.

Rachel and Elijah did a “first touch” without seeing each other.

I really like these reactions to Rachel in her dress.
Last minute prep before the ceremony.

And so it begins!

The foot-washing ceremony at the bottom was very moving to me.

First social media blitzkrieg as a married couple thanks to the wedding party :).
A moment alone (I don’t count).

Some shots of just Elijah and Rachel.

Finally ready to head to the reception!

Waiting for everyone to show up…

A beautiful cake.

First dance!

Father/Daughter + Mother/Son.

The dancing starts to warm out.
Check out Grandma!!!

This couple played nicely.

I never talked about how Rachel and Elijah met. Long story short, they met at a camp that my mother and father in-law used to run. That’s where I got to know my wife Heidi and I’ve spent some wonderful weeks with these people serving others and, as a result, serving the Lord.

So then this happened…

Post bouquet toss blues :(.

Alright. These dance shots are CRAZY. Enjoy these because clearly everyone involved is partying to the maximum.


Keepin’ the party goin’.

These next images really made me laugh so they have a special place at the end.


May the lord bless your marriage, friends!


Brian, your photographs of Rachel and Elijahs wedding are fantastic, what a gift you have 🙂

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